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Ordergroove Integration

Ordergroove Integration

This article outlines how the Ordergroove team can coordinate connecting a merchant to Churn Buster.

What is Churn Buster?

Churn Buster reduces customer churn by improving the customer experience when subscription payments are missed.

Better process becomes ever more important as a business grows. Leading eCommerce brands like ButcherBox, LOLA, and Four Sigmatic have increased renewals with the unique approach used by Churn Buster.

With this integration merchants can:

  • Resolve billing issues with branded email campaigns proven to reduce churn.
  • Send emails at the right time, clearing more payments with existing payment methods (without demanding action from your customers).
  • Improve email delivery rates and monitor email performance.
  • Generate highly predictable returns month after month.

How to integrate

Contact Churn Buster (in Slack or support@churnbuster.io or in chat) to begin the process.

  • If the merchant has not worked with Churn Buster previously, the Churn Buster team will create an account for them.

Here are the steps to connect:

  1. Send the Churn Buster team the API username, API private key, and merchant ID from the merchant account.
  2. The Churn Buster team will send you a target url for webhooks in the merchant account to notify Churn Buster of payment events.
  3. Once added, you'll share the Webhook Verification Key with Churn Buster.

When ready to go live:

The final steps when going live are to update the retry settings to “every 3 days, 8 times max” and turn off the failed payment emails in Ordergroove.

Notify the Churn Buster team when complete and recovery campaigns will go live!