Recharge Capture

Recharge Capture

Churn Buster makes it easy for your customers to update their payment methods and get subscriptions back on track.

Capture for Recharge 

Churn Buster Capture technology intelligently routes customers to the right place to update billing information, often with no login required.

  • Delivers a better customer experience around card updates, even while you make changes to your customer portal
  • Automatically assigns new cards to the correct subscription (no extra steps!)
  • A seamless card update experience even while migrating to Shopify Checkout (SCI) 

Capture replaces the card update links in your emails with upgraded functionality, and is included at no additional cost.

How it works:

Shop Pay

For merchants using SCI, the Capture page sends customers the Shopify email to update their Shop Pay payment method.

Once updated, the updated payment method is automatically attached to the subscription and the order is processed.

This keeps customers out of the customer portal and is the easiest way for customers to update their payment method.


For merchants using legacy or migrated checkouts, the Capture page dynamically changes based on whether the customer uses Shop Pay or other payment methods.

For customers using non-SCI payment methods, the Capture page gives them tokenized access into the customer portal to add a new payment method and attach it to their subscriptions.

Note: Churn Buster can link to other places, including using tokenized links to give customers direct access to the portal to update their payment methods.


Contact support@churnbuster.io if you have any questions about how to give your customers the best experience for updating their payment methods.