Recommended Stripe Billing Settings

Recommended Stripe Billing Settings

Churn Buster is designed to work seamlessly with Stripe Billing. The following settings will ensure a great experience for your customers—let our team know if you have any questions!


First, it's important to leave subscriptions as Unpaid after Stripe has finished with their payment reattempts—Churn Buster can cancel these subscriptions later, at the end of campaigns.

Required: Select “mark the subscription as unpaid” in the “Manage failed payments” section in Stripe Billing.

Also set Invoice Status to "leave the invoice as-is."

This allows Churn Buster to extend campaigns to recover payments, since the subscription won't be canceled by Stripe prematurely (which automatically ends the campaign in Churn Buster). In the worst case, an incorrect setting can result in customers updating cards to renew their subscription, but never getting billed again.

  • Read more about the "as-is" setting here.

Update Stripe retry settings

Churn Buster will sequence retries to the card-on-file throughout your campaign to recover failed payments, with minimal interruption to your customers. Still, you can leverage Stripe Smart Retries for even better performance when possible.

We recommend using Smart Retries for 2 weeks, then finally mark the subscription as unpaid.

To edit your settings in Stripe, click here.

  • Churn Buster triggers additional retries throughout your campaign, to give you every opportunity to recover a payment using the existing card-on-file.  

Turn off Stripe emails

To ensure the best customer experience, disable expiring cards and failed payments emails.

Churn Buster runs optimal campaigns for failed payment recovery, and you won't need these settings enabled (or any other automation to message customers).

  • The "upcoming renewals" setting can be used for annual payments, and is less common for monthly subscriptions.

Canceling subscriptions

To cancel subscriptions at the end of Churn Buster campaigns, choose this option during account setup — or let us know to enable this feature for your account. This will automatically cancel the subscription if a campaign reaches the end without a successful recovery.