Recommended Stripe Billing Settings

Recommended Stripe Billing Settings

Churn Buster is designed to work seamlessly with Stripe Billing.

While Churn Buster can add additional retries to your failed payment recovery campaigns, you can still update Stripe retry settings so they work optimally with Churn Buster.

No matter what, it's critical to leave subscriptions as Unpaid once Stripe has exhausted all payment reattempts—even if unpaid subscriptions will be canceled when campaigns end.

Required: Select “mark the subscription as unpaid” in the “Manage failed payments” section in Stripe Billing.

This allows Churn Buster to run campaigns that are 15... 20... 30 days or more, since the subscription won't automatically be canceled by Stripe prematurely. Churn Buster will not email a customer with a canceled subscription. However, the incorrect setting would abruptly end campaigns after first or second past-due notice. In the worst case, customers who update their payment information would not be billed successfully, as the invoice (and subscription!) will no longer exist in Stripe.

  • Wondering about the "as-is" setting? Read more here.


Canceling Subscriptions

If you would like to cancel subscriptions while using Churn Buster, you can choose this option during account setup — or let us know to enable this feature for your account. This will automatically cancel the subscription if a campaign reaches the end without a successful recovery.


Recommended Stripe Retry Settings

We recommend these settings to be Smart Retries for 2 weeks, then finally mark the subscription as unpaid.

To edit your settings in Stripe, click here.

  • Churn Buster can trigger additional retries anywhere in your campaign.


Turn off Stripe emails

To ensure the best customer experience, disable expiring cards and failed payments emails. Churn Buster runs optimal campaigns for failed payment recovery, so you won't need these settings enabled (or any other automation to message customers).