Can I translate my dunning outreach?

Can I translate my dunning outreach?

Customer outreach through Churn Buster is fully translatable.

  • Customize your emails to your preferred language.
  • Contact the Churn Buster team to modify Capture page text fields.

Key guidelines

Use the language customers expect you to use.

Generally your Churn Buster emails should match the language used on your website and other communications.

  • Does your website support multiple languages? Contact the Churn Buster team to explore opportunities to target customers in their respective languages.

Safeguard against contacting them in the wrong language.

If customers use your website in English but use translator tools, avoid the mistake of reaching out to them in the wrong language and let them use translator tools for your outreach as well.

Gmail has a built-in option for detecting and translating email language

Don't assume language preference

Assuming language preferences based on IP address or browser settings can backfire, particularly if customers are accustomed to your business communicating in a specific language.