Other Integrations
Upscribe Integration

Upscribe Integration

Take the following steps to connect Upscribe once you've created the Churn Buster account.

Step 1: Connect Upscribe

Go into your Upscribe account and go to Settings > Webhooks.

Add the following URL to all 4 available events: 


  • Replace ACCOUNT_UUID_FROM_CB with your account ID found here.

^ Paste the URL into the field for each of these Webhook Codes

Once complete, notify the Churn Buster team to verify the connection.

Step 2: Update Upscribe settings

Take the following actions in your Upscribe account:

  1. Update the retry interval to every 3 days, for a maximum of 9 retries (if different than current setting)
  2. Disable the “Subscription Renewal Failed Because of Payment” email (sent to customers when a subscription renewal fails because of a problem with their payment method)