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This article provides integration partners with resources to better understand how Churn Buster helps companies manage their failed payments as a layer on top of the subscription management tool.

What is Churn Buster?

Churn Buster reduces customer churn by improving the customer experience when subscription payments are missed.

Better process becomes ever more important as businesses grow. Leading brands like ButcherBox, LOLA, and Four Sigmatic have increased renewals with the unique approach used by Churn Buster.

Integrating Churn Buster allows companies to:

  • Resolve billing issues with branded email campaigns proven to reduce churn.
  • Send emails at the right time, clearing more payments with existing payment methods (without demanding action from customers).
  • Improve email delivery rates and monitor email performance.
  • Generate highly predictable returns month after month.

How difficult is it to set up an account?

Quick account creation and setup instructions help companies get started with Churn Buster defaults and best practices in just a few minutes.

Our team works alongside companies to establish a process to monitor failed payments, prompt card updates at optimal times, and bring attention to at-risk customers.


Below is an overview of how Churn Buster works:



Metrics & Visibility

The dashboard presents performance data — including past-due volume month-to-month, campaigns still in-progress, and recovery rate.

Companies also see recoveries broken out by method: retries or card updates.

  • Retry recoveries are when the payment clears by re-attempting the existing card-on-file, often without having to contact a customer at all. The recovery process leverages the retry logic of your subscription management tool.
  • Card updates are recoveries that require the customer to take action by putting a new card-on-file, most often following Churn Buster outreach.

Detailed charts allow us to work closely with companies to optimize their process over time.

Flexibility & Customization

Out of the gates, we offer default outreach and scheduling that has been tested at-scale. This is a great starting point even when used as-is, but we can also implement a customized approach based on business model, customer characteristics, or branding preferences.

Ok, what's next?

When working with a brand looking to reduce churn, feel free to contact our team (support@churnbuster.io). We're happy to consult, join a call, or reach out to the company directly.