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Manually stop a campaign

Manually stop a campaign

You can manually stop campaigns to ensure future emails are not sent —  for example, if a customer requests that you stop contacting them or asks for more time to resolve a payment issue.

  • Recharge users: click here to see how order changes affect campaigns
  • Note: Campaigns stopped early do not appear in the Lost list.

Stopping the campaign

You can search for a campaign in the Active Campaign list or via the search bar on the Dashboard.

To stop a campaign immediately, go into the campaign and click the "Stop Campaign" button.

Click this button to stop upcoming emails immediately.


A future failed payment starts a campaign

Churn Buster creates a new campaign each time a payment fails for a subscription without an active campaign. If you still have scheduled retries within your subscription management tool, a subsequent failed retry could activate a new campaign — even if the campaign had previously been stopped.


Cancel the subscription

The most reliable way to immediately stop a campaign and prevent new campaigns from starting is to cancel the subscription.

  • When you cancel a subscription within your subscription management tool, Churn Buster will immediately stop the associated campaign.