Order changes

Order changes

Churn Buster starts a campaign whenever a subscription payment fails, unless the customer is already in a campaign.

A campaign ends when one of the following occurs:

  • The payment successfully clears (recovered) — not solely when a payment method is updated
  • The customer or merchant cancels the subscription (active cancellation)
  • The campaign reaches the end without a successful recovery (passive cancellation)

Order changes also have an impact on campaigns. Here’s what happens when a customer currently in a Churn Buster campaign has a change in either the "Next charge date" or "Next shipment date" for the subscription that triggered the campaign:

  • Churn Buster campaigns continue running if rescheduled to a date within the campaign window. If changed to a date outside the campaign timeline, the campaign stops automatically.
  • Note: Deleted charges do not end Churn Buster campaigns.

Example scenario

A customer failed a payment and consequently starts a campaign on April 1st, which will run until April 28th. On April 4th, the customer changes their shipment date to April 15th.

  • What happens? Churn Buster campaign continues running as normal.
  • If the same customer changed the shipping date to May 1st, the campaign would have immediately stopped.

Manually stop a campaign

If needed, you can manually stop a campaign.

  • See related article: Manually stop a campaign
  • Keep in mind that even if a campaign is manually stopped, a scheduled retry in ReCharge can restart the campaign. In some cases you might manually stop a campaign more than once to ensure the customer is not contacted.