Order changes

Order changes

Churn Buster starts a campaign whenever a subscription payment fails, unless the customer is already in a campaign.

A campaign ends when one of the following occurs:

  • The payment successfully clears (recovered).
  • The customer or merchant cancels the subscription (active cancellation).
  • The campaign reaches the end without a successful recovery (passive cancellation).

Order changes also impact campaigns. Churn Buster campaign logic is configured to prevent ongoing payment issues while handling edge cases intelligently.


When a customer skips an order, the associated campaign stops right away. The billing issue will be re-verified when the payment is next due and, if needed, the customer will re-enter a recovery campaign.

Delivery schedule changes

If a delivery/order date is modified (e.g. moved back a few days/weeks/months), the associated campaign stops immediately.

Campaigns can also be stopped early from your Churn Buster dashboard anytime.