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How to Integrate Churn Buster with WooCommerce Subscriptions

How to Integrate Churn Buster with WooCommerce Subscriptions

Churn Buster reduces churn by improving the customer experience when subscription payments fail.

With this integration you can:

  • Resolve billing issues with branded, customizable customer outreach proven to reduce churn.
  • Gain visibility into where recoveries occur and how you can optimize your process.
  • Generate highly predictable returns month after month.

Create an account

Sign up for a Churn Buster account here.

Contact our team in chat, or at support@churnbuster.io, during the signup flow if you need to bypass any steps — for example, the step asking to connect your subscription management tool.

Integration steps

  1. Subscribe to WooCommerce Subscription events related to failed payments, successful payments, and subscription cancellations.
  2. Use our API to notify Churn Buster of these events in real-time. We provide a testing environment to validate before going live.
  3. See our API documentation for further information.

Please refer to WooCommerce documentation regarding subscription payment events, which may include:

  • 'woocommerce_subscription_renewal_payment_failed'
  • 'woocommerce_subscription_renewal_payment_complete'
  • 'woocommerce_subscription_status_cancelled'

Here's an external doc that provides additional details about integrating with WooCommerce/Wordpress.

Going live

Contact the Churn Buster team (support@churnbuster.io or in chat) to review your account pre-launch.

An account specialist will ensure the recovery campaigns are designed optimally for your billing setup.