Bounced emails

When a campaign email bounces (due to an inaccurate email address, issue with the email service provider, etc.), Churn Buster surfaces the issue so you can reach as many customers as possible.

Get notified of bounces

Here are some of the ways to monitor bounced emails:

  1. Bounced email notifications are a simple way to keep an eye on bounced emails. Whenever an email bounces, Churn Buster sends the details to the email address of your choice.
  2. Campaigns are flagged "at-risk" in your Churn Buster account whenever an email bounces. Here's a link to your at-risk list in the dashboard.
  3. Bounced emails can also trigger a campaign escalation to send a notification or automate an action of your choice.

Take action so the customer can be contacted

Manual escalation

You can assign a member of your team to monitor bounced emails and:

  • Correct email addresses when possible. Updates in your system automatically sync to Churn Buster so future emails will be sent to the updated email address. If needed, you can stop the campaign and restart.
  • Reach out (via phone/text, social media account, different email address, etc.) to customers without valid emails.

Look for patterns

Churn Buster shows you email deliverability over the past few months. A high bounce rate (5%+) may lead you to re-evaluate the experience where customers sign up.

  • Are customer email addresses validated during signup?
  • Is a promotion or free trial bringing in a high volume of bad email addresses?

Addressing bounced emails helps you reach customers who could otherwise passively churn without ever hearing from you.