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Custom Offers

Custom Offers

Targeted offer types:

The Custom offer type can be used for anything not covered by Discounts, Skips, and Swaps.

Some ideas:

  • Offer a free gift with your next purchase
  • Offer a one-on-one consultation for higher-value products
  • Callout a unique aspect of your business

As a Custom option, by default there will be limited automation when this offer is chosen by a customer. For example, if you would like to offer a free gift with someone's next purchase, claiming the offer could notify your support team to take any necessary follow-up actions.

Important: when follow-up actions are needed, go to your Account Settings page and check the "Cancel Session Won" checkbox for anyone who should be notified.

Emails include offer details, and filtering can be used in your inbox to isolate any offers that require next steps.

If you would like to use webhooks to drive automation outside of Churn Buster when Custom offers are claimed, please contact us at support@churnbuster.io.