Cancel Flows


Targeted offer types:

The Skip offer type will skip an upcoming order or billing cycle.

Skips are often used as a Deflection, and also as a Targeted Offer in response to a customer indicating they have too much product or want to take a break.

Note: Functionally, a Skip is equivalent to a limited-time Pause—though named differently, they both allow a customer to take a break without opting out of a subscription.

What does success look like?

3% or more customers could choose this option instead of canceling.

Skips are usually the highest-performing offer, as they are also used as a Deflection, and they are used by customers who are otherwise happy with your product and/or service. The happier your customers are, and the more likely they are to need a break (due to being overstocked on a product, running into a budget restriction, etc), the more success you will see with Skips.

To improve the success of your Skips, try reminding customers of the benefits they enjoy as a subscriber. Use one of your Deflections to bullet point the value, add a note from the founder, and/or share your company mission.