Churn Buster/Stripe Integration

Using Stripe’s Connect API, Churn Buster is able to help manage your subscriptions to maximize revenue. To this end, there are definitive actions that Churn Buster will and will not perform within Stripe on your behalf.

Churn Buster Will:

3Monitor for past-due invoices, failed payments, updated cards and canceled subscriptions.

3Replace a subscriber’s default payment method with an updated credit card.

3Initiate payments of past-due invoices following a card update.

3Reactivate uncanceled subscriptions when a card is updated.

3Prompt payment reattempts when warranted.

3Leave past-due subscriptions as “unpaid” until the end of the recovery process, at which point they are either left as unpaid or canceled (up to you). In either case, you have the option of receiving a webhook notification.

Churn Buster Will Not:

dCreate new subscriptions.

dCreate invoices.

dChange invoice amounts.

dAttempt to charge a canceled subscription or forgiven invoice.

When investigating a potential issue with a customer's subscription, billing, or general experience with your company, the event log is usually a good place to start.

Event source:
Churn Buster = Churn Buster initiated
Dashboard = Stripe dashboard initiated
Other = Initiated in-app or elsewhere

Please email any questions about Stripe integration to [email protected]